Our Cars

1968 Fiat commission a design for a 3-litre sports car from Pininfarina.  Project code X1/8

1973 World fuel crisis causes Fiat to revise the specification to 2-litres.  Project code X1/20

1974 Abarth-Pininfarina 030SE (X1/20 development chassis no 000030 fitted with 3-litre V6 engine from Fiat 130 sedan) finishes in second place on the Giro d'Italia

1975 Fiat transfer X1/20 project to their Lancia division.  The car is added to Lancia's new Beta range as it uses the 'Lampredi' twin-cam engine, transmission and sundry other parts common to the rest of the Beta range.  Car renamed Lancia Beta Montecarlo in honour of Lancia's 1974 win on the Monte Carlo rally with a Lancia Stratos

1975 European version of the Lancia Beta Montecarlo announced at the Geneva International Motor Show.  The Montecarlo will be the first car designed and built completely in-house by Pininfarina

1976 North American version with 'pop-up' headlights, 5mph impact bumpers and emission-controlled 1.8-litre engine released in the USA.  US version is named Lancia Beta Scorpion as Chevrolet have already trademarked the name 'Monte Carlo' in the USA

1977 UK version with RHD and glazed rear buttresses released

1978 Production suspended while Pininfarina focus their attention on the new Lancia Gamma range and make improvements to the Montecarlo's specification

1980 Relaunched as the Lancia Montecarlo in Europe and the UK with cosmetic improvements, revised brakes and improved steering geometry

1981 Production ends at chassis no 137AS0005940