PROJECT 17 - The 2017 Body Number Survey

One of our aims here at the Lancia Montecarlo Consortium has always been to collect as much information as possible about Lancia Montecarlos and Scorpions, and ensure it's preserved for the future. In fact we've been keeping a register of car details since the club was first formed in 1996. However there's one piece of information that's not recorded on any of a vehicle's registration documents and can only be found by a visual inspection of each car.
As a result we'd like to ask your help in checking to see if your car still has its body number in place, or if as the result of repair or restoration it's been removed and lost for ever. You'll find this number stamped on the back of the right-hand headlamp back plate of your car, in the battery compartment under the bonnet. Series 1 cars and Scorpions should have a six digit number while series 2 cars usually have ten digits. Next time you raise your bonnet we'd be extremely grateful if you would take five minutes to make a note of this number and pass the information on to us using the form below. All you need to do is fill in the relevant information and click 'submit' . Thanks in advance for your help in progessing this important initiative.

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