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The Lancia Montecarlo Consortium is organised and managed by a group of enthusiasts and owners of the Lancia Montecarlo, Lancia Scorpion, Lancia 037 Rallye and Lancia Group 5 racing cars. The Consortium was founded in 1997 at the National Motor Museum in the UK and became a listed UK company in 2002. The company is limited by guarantee of its members and has no share capital. Each member's liability is limited to 10 in the unlikely event the club should ever go into liquidation.

The Consortium is governed by its members, who elect a board of directors/committee of management at the club's annual general meeting, held in conjunction with a social weekend in September or October each year. The currently elected directors and officers are as follows:


David Griffiths

Vice Presidents:
Chad Eyton-Williams

David Wilson


Paul Courtenay

Company Secretary:

Linda Shipley

Darren Cooksey (Events Secretary)

Rod Shipley (Registrar)

Andrew Wilson (Treasurer)

Martin Dowling

The Lancia Montecarlo Consortium Limited is a company registered in England No 04932990

Its Registered Office is at Stag Cottage, Fantley Lane, Zeals, Wiltshire, BA12 6NX, United Kingdom

For further information please contact the secretary at secretary@montecarlo.org.uk
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